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Monday, March 02, 2009

Fixing the Automatic Snapshot Service in OpenSolaris

Automatic snapshots in OpenSolaris are awesome. They're what makes Time Slider possible.

However, as of OpenSolaris 2008.11, they break when you add a new boot environment with 'beadm' or the package manager.

The workaround for this bug (the bug is filed, but not fixed yet) is to mount and unmount the new boot environment. So, as root, do:

beadm mount [bename] /mnt

beadm unmount [bename]

Repeat this process until you've covered all not-active boot environments.

Then do:

svcadm clear auto-snapshot:frequent
svcadm clear auto-snapshot:daily
svcadm clear auto-snapshot:hourly
svcadm clear auto-snapshot:weekly
svcadm clear auto-snapshot:monthly

If Time Slider was disabled because of the snapshot services being offline, it will automatically online itself (SMF is also awesome.)

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