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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Find, format and mount a USB drive in Solaris 10

disable vold (old stuff used for floppies)

# svcadm disable volfs

find the device name

# rmformat -l

set the default solaris partition up (pick the default prompt here)

# fdisk /dev/rdsk/[device_name]

get the number of sectors in the disk (look for the 'Sector Count' column)

# prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/[device_name]

make a ufs filesystem on the device

# newfs -v -s [sector_count] /dev/rdsk/[device_name]

make a mountpoint

# mkdir /usbdrive

mount the formatted disk (note that we no longer use the raw disk here (rdisk))

# mount /dev/dsk/[device_name] /usbdrive


B said...

Been looking for a quick and easy summery, and here it was, just been waiting for me all these years!!!

Many, MANY, thanks. :)

blake said...

Glad that helped you out!