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Thursday, February 15, 2007

ZFS and OS X

This (probably NDA-oblivious) post details some pretty cool possible updates to the forthcoming 'Leopard' OS from Apple, Inc.

The heavy lifting has already been done by Sun Microsystems engineers. It's worth digging in to the documentation on ZFS to see how flexible the filesystem is and how nice it is to manage.

Right now I'm battling with an old Ultra 5 SPARC workstation to get it to see 4 IDE drives so that I can do some ZFS RAID-Z2 goodness across a few disks. I'll update when it's accomplished.

It would seem fair to guess we might see ZFS pushed as solution for scalable storage on Leopard Server when it's released. The new x86-based Xserve from Apple doesn't appear to offer a hardware raid controller option, but with 4 cores and ZFS, I suppose you could argue that a dedicated raid controller isn't needed (and then fill up your PCI-X slots with dual or quad-channel 4Gb fibre-channel cards).

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